Privacy Policy

The information that we learn from our guests and customers will be kept confidential and will be used to personalize and continually improve the dining experience at Bin 26 Enoteca. All information we receive through on-line orders and reservations will be only used for completing these single transactions. Bin 26 Enoteca does not share any information we receive with any other outside party or affiliate. At no time will your information be sold, rented, loaned or transferred to anyone.

Note that there may be a time in the future that we will utilize the information you provide to notify you of something related to Bin 26 Enoteca. In some cases we might utilize third parties to communicate the news with you. In any event you have the right to ask us to remove your name from our data-base at any time in the future.

At no time will you or those you wish us to send information/gifts to receive unsolicited mail from Bin26 Enoteca. From time to time we send out information regarding changes at the restaurant, new features and special events via e-mail. You must choose to become a part of our mailing list by checking the “YES” box at the bottom of any one of our on-line forms (reservation, private party reservations and gift certificate orders) in order to receive mail from us.

On-line reservations must be made at least three days prior to the desired date. Please allow one to two days for us to confirm your request. If you have not heard from us within two days of your sending us your on-line reservation please call us direct. You can also make a reservation by calling Bin 26 Enoteca at 617-723-5939, depending on availability, for the same day. We will seat you once everyone in your party has arrived. Tables that are reserved may automatically be relinquished after 15 minutes from the reservation time, if you have not arrived or if your party is incomplete.

If you are unable to keep your reservation, it is important that we are informed of any cancellations at least 60 minutes in advance by calling the restaurant directly. If we do not hear from you regarding your cancellation, you will be notified via email that your reservation was a “No Show”. This may result in us not accepting a reservation from you in the future.

All orders for gift certificates will be processed within two to three days. For online orders you will receive a confirmation of your order by the method which you have chosen on your order form (email, telephone or US mail). All credit card and personal information submitted online is protected during transmission (over the Internet) by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software. Our certificate of authentication can be viewed by clicking here.

We will reveal only the last five digits of your credit card numbers when confirming an order via email. If you have any other questions regarding your order or the security of your personal information, please call us directly at 617-723-5939.

All orders will be shipped the day in which it is confirmed and will be sent either US Priority Mail or US Standard determined by you within your order form. For any questions regarding either of these mail methods please contact your local US Post Office. We do not guarantee a date in which the intended party will receive each gift certificate. If there seems to be a problem and you have received a confirmation of your order from Enoteca Bin26, please call us right away. All gift certificates have their own identifier code number and can not be reproduced, duplicated or reused. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Any cancellation of a gift certificate must be made by calling Bin 26 Enoteca directly at 617-723-5939. If you have already received a certificate, have not redeemed it at our restaurant you can still be reimbursed within 30 days, by calling us directly and returning the actual certificate to us. We do not reimburse for shipping on orders that have already been mailed or for returns. A Bin 26 Enoteca representative will ask you for all necessary information and confirmation regarding your purchase in order to process your return and issue you an appropriate credit.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us at: 617-723-5939 or send us an email.