Bin 26 Enoteca is a Beacon Hill neighborhood restaurant with a seasonally driven menu and wine list. Bin 26 Enoteca boasts an international wine list with over sixty wines by glass and over two hundred wines by bottles. Guests can simply drop in for an informal dish of pasta or more formal, multi-course, haute cuisine.


En-oh-TECK-a, a common term used mostly in Italy, refers to a place where one can find simple foods to accompany the wines served there. At Bin 26 Enoteca, we offer a menu designed for snacking and sharing, or a full meal. And oh boy, do we have a wine list too.

“Bin”, followed by a number, is a wine term for the physical location of where the bottle is located in the wine cellar. In this case, 26 Charles Street is the Bin in which our restaurant is located.

As part of our mission, we vow to support small family-run farms in New England and around the world. As a result, we use artisinal cured meats, imported cheeses, fresh seafood and vegetables – especially from around New England when possible.


Casual but refined is the objective of Bin 26 Enoteca’s founders, the brother/sister team of Chef Azita Bina-Seibel and Babak Bina. They continue to operate their internationally acclaimed restaurant “Lala Rokh On Beacon Hill,” which they have owned and operated since 1995.


The world renowned firm of office da designed Bin 26 Enoteca. Assisting in this project were the firms of Fairbank Design, Collaborative Lighting and Delta Design and Construction. In the words of Nader Tehrani of office da “Azita and Babak wanted to create a truly unique food and wine experience. So we used material related to wine and wine making to achieve this. The result is a space that places you somewhere hip in Italy…”


(Monday- Sunday) Apertivo 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM

(Monday – Thursday) Dinner 4:00 PM – 9:30 PM last seating for outdoors 10:00 PM for indoors 
Friday 12:00pm – 3:00PM for lunch, Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM – 2:30 PM for brunch

(Friday – Saturday) Dinner 4:00 PM- 9:45 PM Last seating for outdoors, 11 PM for indoors. 

Please note, we begin with brunch on the weekends and stay open through the afternoon. Also, our license mandates that all guests order some food, even if it’s only a wedge of cheese or slices of charcuterie, in order to consume alcohol.

For more information please e-mail us at info@bin26.com.