Stuff @ Night

Demolition has started at Bin 26 Enoteca, a new 64-seat wine bar and Italian-influenced restaurant in the old Torch space on Charles Street, at the foot of Beacon Hill. Brother-and-sister duo Babak Bina and Azita Bina-Seibel, who also own Lala Rokh, expect that their new venture will open around Labor Day, For the new restaurant, Azita will call on her history as an Italian and Mediterranean chef. Until 1997, when she decided to focus full time on Lala Rokh (“and on our mother’s recipes,” says Babak), Azita and Babak owned Azita Ristorante in the South End. Babak says that “the community is ecstatic. Enoteca is a direct response to what people have been telling us they want – a nice neighborhood place where they can pop in for a glass of wine in the afternoon, have a casual dinner, or get a bite on the way home after the theater.” He stresses that Bin 26 won’t just be food for the ‘hood: ‘We’re not a gated community or anything. Just people, living in the city, who like good food.”

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